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About us

Gulliver Publishing was founded on 12th November 1989. In the first two years following
its foundation, we specialized in children’s and youth magazines, periodicals for teachers, as well as  children's fiction and non-fiction books. The ”trademark” of the publishing house during this period was its courage in experimenting. Our early successes included the children's magazine Seven Miles, which was a novelty in Hungary at that time; the photo book Life Has Begun came up with an outstanding photo material; or our „aquarium” books, showing the life of fish ”as if in an aquarium”.
Gulliver has released a number of non-fiction series, mainly of natural science, the most prominent probably being the Atlas-series (World Atlas, Animal Atlas, Atlas of the Space, Big Dinosaur Atlas, etc.).
After the foundation of Lilliput Publishing, Gulliver's main activities gradually shifted towards the publication of adult non-fiction titles. The two-volume World Heritage – published for the 25th anniversary of the World Heritage Agreement – led the national best-selling list for several months. The first CD-ROM in the history of Gulliver was published alongside with the book World Heritage (1999).
From time to time, Gulliver, variegating its main line of activities, takes up the publication of literary works (Vonnegut’s work was the biggest success of the 1996 Hungarian Book Fair).

In the last few years our targets are students and enquirer young people. Our new Atlas series we published History Atlas of Hungary in pictures, Geography Atlas of Hungary in pictures, The World geography Atlas in pictures.

Gulliver Publishing started the development of its own book trade system in 1992. As representatives of other publishing houses as well, we deliver books to 150 bookshops all over the country.

Lilliput Publishing was founded on 20th May 1991.
Lilliput Publishing took over the publication of picture books, fairy tale collections, children’s and juvenile non-fiction from its joint company, Gulliver Publishing. Its activities have been expanded by the publication of colouring books, activity books, children's dictionaries, etc. Among its most successful publications over the years have been the Richard Scarry collection, the Franklin series, and the 100 Facts series.


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